In our homestead you can find  various leisure activities that will suit anyone’s needs – from tennis or badminton, to a relaxing rowboat trip or a flight with a parachute over the magnificent Nevėža Lake.

Services in the homestead:

  • Tennis court
  • 2 Volleryball courts
  • Basketball court
  • Football
  • Badminton
  • Swings
  • Children’s playground
  • A Sauna

Pagal Išankstinį Užsakymą:

  • Meals
  • A sauna-keeper
  • Hiking
  • ATV
  • Yoga
  • Call – for more info.

Water attractions

The Radvilų homestead is located on the shore of a very fish-rich Nevėža lake, so we have prepared 3 boats for fishing or a relaxing trip around the lake. We have other options for those who dislike fishing: we also offer a canoe and a water bicycle. There is a total of 3 footbridges leading into the lake, so everyone will be able to get some privacy. The lake shore is very clean, it consists of a mixture of sand and gravel, thus it is very pleasant to walk on and the depth of water increases gradually.

Services by the lake:

  • 3 large foot-bridges
  • Fishing in the Nevėža Lake
  • 3 row-boats
  • A canoe
  • A water bicycle
  • Sauna (up to 12 people)

Services that require a reservation:

  • A hottub
  • Canoes
  • Motorized boat 8 ppl
  • Wakeboard
  • Water skiing
  • Inflatable tire rides
  • A parachute flight

Places of interest

Anykščiai is the green peak of Lithuania. The town is located around a 100 km from the two biggest cities – Vilnius and Kaunas. Anykščiai is a small town, where both nature and history combine, providing a great presentation of Lithuania as a whole. Here you can find the most famous stone in Lithuania, the longest river, the tallest church and the only treetop walking path in the Baltic region and many other attractions.

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